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What a year it’s been. 

At the end of last year, YNPN was embarking on a big transition, one that was marred with so much uncertainty.  We had bills to pay and so many questions about how to operate in the coming months.  But a few things were clear — we had to continue to engage with chapters and we had to take this opportunity to get back to our YNPN roots, and live our values as an organization.  

Sure, it was going to be messy and challenging, but anything that’s worth it is going to be.  Of course, then the pandemic hit and George Floyd was lynched and we had a different reality to navigate, but one that we helped see what living our values meant.  

Thankfully, what’s at the heart of YNPN is a network of leadership — folx who are determined to lead with love and dedication, with a thirst for justice.  Folx who inspire the same in others and who won’t settle for the status quo.  And if it’s any indication from the year we just had, no one is settling for going back to the old normal any time soon.  

We accomplished so much this year as an organization and a lot of that is due to everyone out in the network who attended Chapter Congress calls on the regular; who volunteered when needed; who helped orchestrate and attend the conference in August; who attended our conversations on race; who helped connect chapters together; who hosted conversations on our transition from NationBuilder; who dreamed of bigger things for next year.  The other good news?  We paid off our debts to close this year.  

As we close out 2020, I am humbled and grateful for all of you in the network.  And unlike last year, I am certain that YNPN is set up for further success in this big transition we’re still going through because of your leadership across the country.  I’m excited for the new leadership on the National Board as Al Heartley and Gary Williams both step in as Co-Chairs.  I’m extra excited for our new board members who will join us in just a few more weeks for orientation, and bring their amazing leadership to an already tremendous team of people.  

It has been a tremendous honor to serve as Chair for YNPN this past year, but an even deeper honor to be with all of you.  This is not goodbye, but only #TTFN.


Robert Blanquera Nelson