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Consultant Researcher (Digital Censorship of Sexual Health)

  • Freelance
  • Remote (Remote)
  • $25-30 / hour USD / Year
  • Salary: $25-30 / hour

Website Center for Intimacy Justice

Consultant role, project is January-March 2023 or January-April 2023

Location: Remote

Who We Are

Center for Intimacy Justice (CIJ) is a nonprofit whose first cornerstone program area is working to change content moderation policies that discriminate in censoring female sexual health and wellness information. 2022 was, largely, CIJ’s debut year in our activism in the public, and it was an incredible year for the organization:


  • Jan 2022: CIJ published a report, released in The New York Times and covered in 75+ press outlets, revealing Meta (Facebook and Instagram)’s systemic rejections of ads benefiting female health and wellness. 100% of the rejected ads studied were by women- and nonbinary-founded businesses, whereas erectile dysfunction businesses’ ads were allowed. CIJ spoke about the findings on TV and other outlets.
  • Jan 2022: Citing and acting on CIJ’s report, The Chair of the US Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee, Senator Patty Murray, wrote an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg at Meta/Facebook demanding answers to questions, including asking what actions Meta/Facebook is taking in response to CIJ’s report.
  • Feb 2022: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted about Meta’s inequitable censorship of women’s health, to Senator Patty Murray. The tweets increased pressure on Meta, and Clinton wrote that she knew Senator Murray would “keep on them.”
  • Summer 2022: Other government agencies took action using CIJ’s research report.
  • Fall 2022: Meta published changes to its sexual health advertising global policies, to state that sexual health and wellness, and reproductive health, ads are allowed – and adding examples to its policies of types of health, including for female-bodied people, that are meant to be allowed to advertise on Meta platforms.

The organization recently received an exciting funding injection that will allow us to expand our work.


Consultant Researcher Position Summary

CIJ’s first investigative report, published in January 2022 specifically about Meta, was an effective social change tool. It was used by Senators in Congress, state Attorney General lawyers, and other policymakers and advocates – and was released in The New York Times and 70 media outlets, increasing public eyes on an issue that had long been unknown to the public or to policymakers. Thousands of stakeholders creating greater equity and wellbeing in health for women and people of diverse genders were supported and seen, and had their work propelled and uplifted by this research. Next, in 2023, CIJ would like to continue to expand public information about the content moderation policies and practices by more tech platforms beyond Meta – and continue the research and public information about practices on this issue at Meta.


We are looking for an insightful, attentive to detail, deep listening, compassionate and empathetic, creative, intelligent consultant who is an excellent researcher – able to select effective, compelling stories, examples and rich information to illuminate the experiences facing female health entrepreneurs today. The Research Consultant should also be able to effectively communicate the research in written and visual forms. The Research Consultant will lead and spearhead CIJ’s 2023 reports, which will be on at least 4 tech platforms – either as one report, or a series of 3-4 reports together.


The research will be completed between January and early March, and the consultant will likely liaison with designers to create the report (throughout February and March). A goal is for the research to have as large an impact as possible in shifting public perceptions and contributing to tangible positive changes that enable information about sexual and reproductive health – for women and people of diverse genders – to be shared equitably.




The Research Consultant will lead and spearhead CIJ’s 2023 reports, which will be on 4+ tech platforms – either as one report, or a series of 3-4 reports together. Aspects of this work will include:

  • Writing interview questions and interviewing businesses, nonprofits, creators/educators, and other stakeholders about their experiences sharing both content and advertisements on these platforms
  • Likely creating a survey to be shared with these stakeholders regarding 3-4+ tech platforms; and reviewing drafts with key stakeholders to develop the questions to ask that will lead to valuable insights and relevant information. (CIJ has a database of hundreds of organizations and businesses we could potentially share this survey with)
  • Analyzing insights and findings to formulate and synthesize the most relevant points and takeaways of the findings
  • Aligning with CIJ staff on the synthesis and insights from these research findings
  • Developing a written report and creating a designed research output (with CIJ’s designers) to communicate CIJ’s findings
  • Collaborating with CIJ’s team members who do communications and media strategy, to contribute insights to CIJ’s strategy for launching and releasing the 2023 reports

All information and research will be CIJ’s intellectual property, and CIJ will develop a strategy for releasing these findings to the public with high impact.


The information and findings need to be communicated in ways that are engaging and compelling for public/mainstream audiences and that can be effectively communicated in the media to create improvements.


Ideal Candidate:

  • Highly skilled and effective researcher and writer, able to draw out and communicate compelling details and stories
  • Deep listener, able to sympathize with health stakeholders and make them feel heard and respected (you will be representing CIJ, in interviews)
  • Effective oral and written communicator
  • Proven ability to create research and writing products for both general/public and policy audiences (high-level takeaways and 1-2 sentence facts will be valuable for communicating critical information)
  • Extremely organized; able to manage projects from start to finish, organizing time and meeting deadlines effectively, as well as communicating well with CIJ’s team about the time needed to carry out the phases of the project
  • Structured thinker and project executor, capable of managing all aspects of a research analysis/project from start to finish
  • Savviness with communications being mindful of media strategy is a plus
  • Interest in the research subject (digital discrimination and tech companies’ content moderation of information regarding health for women and people of diverse genders)
  • Highly motivated and able to work independently, and remotely; both during settings of great independence and in collaboration. Ability to self-manage programs and timelines.

Equal Opportunity Employer:

We are an equal opportunity employer. We welcome candidates of all backgrounds as well as life experiences, abilities, sexual orientations and identities, relationship structures, races, ethnicities, genders, and other identities. We value an inclusive and diverse team and culture. No matter your background, candidates must also embrace, advocate for, and deeply value the work of equity and inclusion.


Compensation: Commensurate with experience


Application Instructions:

Please send a resume, cover letter, and a note about how you heard about us to with a subject line “[First Name] [Last Name] Research Consultant Application”. Please include information about your availability, and whether you are currently working part time/full time or in school. CIJ is hoping to move quickly on this hire, so we encourage applications soon. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.


Thank you for your interest in working with CIJ!

To apply for this job email your details to