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Manager, Algorithmic Equality Program (for Sexual & Reproductive Health)

  • Part Time
  • Remote (Remote)
  • $25-30 / hour USD / Year
  • Salary: $25-30 / hour

Website Center for Intimacy Justice

Part Time (Approx. 15 hours/week)

Location: Remote, strong preference for United States


Who We Are

Center for Intimacy Justice (CIJ) is a nonprofit whose first cornerstone program area is working to change content moderation policies that censor female sexual health and wellness information. 2022 was, largely, CIJ’s debut year in our activism in the public, and it was an incredible year for the organization:


Jan 2022: CIJ published a report, released in The New York Times and covered in 75+ press outlets, revealing Meta (Facebook and Instagram)’s systemic rejections of ads benefiting female health and wellness. 100% of the rejected ads studied were by women- and nonbinary-founded businesses, whereas erectile dysfunction businesses’ ads were allowed. CIJ spoke about the findings on TV and other outlets.
Jan 2022: Citing and acting on CIJ’s report, The Chair of the US Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee, Senator Patty Murray, wrote an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg at Meta/Facebook demanding answers to questions, including asking what actions Meta/Facebook is taking in response to CIJ’s report.
Feb 2022: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tweeted about Meta’s inequitable censorship of women’s health, to Senator Patty Murray. The tweets increased pressure on Meta, and Clinton wrote that she knew Senator Murray would “keep on them.”
Summer 2022: Other government agencies took action.
Fall 2022: Meta published changes to its sexual health advertising global policies, to state that sexual health and wellness, and reproductive health, ads are allowed – and adding examples to its policies of types of health, including for female-bodied people, that are meant to be allowed to advertise on Meta platforms.
The organization recently received an exciting funding injection that will allow us to expand our work!


CIJ’s Algorithm Equality Program & Position Summary

The Manager for Algorithm Equality work will lead Center for Intimacy Justice’s activities working to change content moderation practices to allow access to digital information about sexual and reproductive rights, including for people with vulvas. CIJ has had successes in changing the written policy of Meta regarding these issues. Next, opportunities include:

1. Advocating for algorithmic or technological practices to be more aligned with the revised policy, in practice, on Meta platforms

2. Researching and revealing information publicly regarding TikTok, Google, Amazon, and other important platforms’ content moderation or censorship of female sexual health and wellness information (e.g. creating report(s) on the state of the tech players on these issues)

3. Changing Meta’s policies further to allow greater inclusion of sexual health products for people with vulvas


The Manager for this program will lead and drive all activities in this area, including: investigations and research, advocacy and communications campaigns, and overall activism. The Manager will partner with stakeholders and collaborators in government, as well as with CIJ’s legal and tech policy advisors/partners, to advance change. The Manager will partner with other organizations, stakeholders, and activist partners.


The Manager will also work in tandem with other team members to expand membership and resource development.




Policy Work (30%)

Your job will be to ask every day you work, “What actions can I take that will lead to technical fixes being implemented that allow female sexual health information online?” The bread and butter of this role is as an activist. Policy areas and strategies may include:

Engagement with the Federal Trade Commission
Engaging and strategically being introduced to state Attorneys General to drive change
Engaging tech companies to drive change (e.g. stakeholder engagement)
You will also formulate other strategies to effect change on these issues, and will prioritize them for impact, such as: shareholder activism; engaging and educating legislators; or other strategic means
Research and Evidence Collection (30%)

Create new reports on multiple platforms’ content moderation practices toward female health platform’s ad censorship (e.g. at TikTok, Amazon, Google, others)
Lead interviews with multiple entrepreneurs and digital marketing team members, pulling out the most striking details to communicate – and consolidating and synthesizing trends
Collaborate with CIJ partner advocacy organizations collecting similar data and/or advocating for these causes
Synthesize results in clear, actionable reports, like CIJ’s inaugural report on Meta; write the reports and oversee designers
Partnerships, Membership, Fundraising (25%)

Work with CIJ team members to advance resource development
Communicate with members and prospective members (e.g. businesses and nonprofits) to drive support of CIJ’s impact
Drive corporate sponsorship conversations, representing and exciting partners around CIJ’s impact, vision and priorities
Contribute to grant writing, foundation fundraising, and funder communications
Marketing & Public Communications (15%)

Lead communication campaigns and activities that engage coalitions of CIJ companies and the public on algorithmic equality (note: CIJ’s Marketing Manager can execute and post)
Advise on social media strategy, especially when intended audiences are companies/nonprofits in the female health space
Draft email newsletter language on the algorithm equality programming
Ideal Candidate

Experience with activism and/or advocacy – whether through campaigns/communication, organizing, or driving legislative/policy/corporate/other societal change.
Deep, demonstrated passion for gender equity and other forms of equity, and freedom from discrimination
If full-time role: experience driving fundraising (e.g. foundations, individuals, potentially crowdfunding); success in fundraising relationships and results. Sales experience can also be valuable if you have not done nonprofit fundraising before.
Effective partnership building skills: you can build coalitions, and make people feel respected and deeply listened to; and you have strong social and emotional intelligence
Excellent writer (e.g. in grant applications, partnership emails, proposals)
Excellent interpersonal communication skills
Highly strategic (on program directions, partnership discussions, and prioritization of time and resources), and able to both create strategy and execute – and shift between the two effectively.
Ability to leverage meaningful relationships to get things done – act as a relationship-builder at heart
Highly motivated and able to work independently, and remotely; both during settings of great independence of high amounts of collaboration. Ability to self-manage programs and timelines.
Passion for CIJ’s mission of expanding access to health information for women and people with vulvas, as well as advancing health tech innovation and economic opportunity for women and nonbinary led entrepreneurs – through equitable tech policies
Bachelor’s degree in any subject; higher education degree(s) is a plus but not required
Other Information About Our Team: Prior to active new hires being made in Dec 2022 and/or early 2023, CIJ’s team has 4 employees (1 full time, 3 part-time). We have a culture of valuing strong performance and focus as a startup organization, and valuing communication, compassion, and connection in our work. This tech activism role has been filled by CIJ’s founder, since CIJ’s founding, and she will be moving into a focus on greater culture change work (writing, film, media strategy, overall strategy on this program), so we are looking for someone who can drive the work and be entrepreneurial, curious, motivated, extremely organized, effective at prioritizing, and passionate.


Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer. We welcome candidates of all backgrounds as well as life experiences, abilities, sexual orientations and identities, relationship structures, races, ethnicities, genders, and other identities. We value an inclusive and diverse team and culture. No matter your background, candidates must also embrace, advocate for, and deeply value the work of equity and inclusion.


Compensation: Commensurate with experience


Application Instructions:

Please send a resume, cover letter, and a note about how you heard about us to with a subject line “[First Name] [Last Name] Program Manager Application”. Please include information about your availability, and whether you are currently working part time or full time. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled, and CIJ is hoping to move quickly on this hire.


Studies show that women and people of color are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they have every one of the qualifications listed. We encourage all applicants to apply, even if you don’t believe you meet every one of our qualifications described.


Thank you for your interest in working with CIJ!

To apply for this job email your details to