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YNPN National


The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) activates emerging leaders by connecting them with resources, people, and ideas.  Our nation and our communities are facing serious challenges.  At the same time, technology and new thinking about networks are presenting unprecedented opportunities for social change.  In order to take advantage of these opportunities and overcome these challenges, we need engaged leaders who bring energy, creativity, and new perspectives to the sector.

YNPN activates emerging leaders and helps them acquire the skills and awareness they need to be effective changemakers. With these leaders, we’re building a diverse and powerful social sector that can support and strengthen our communities.

  • Listing ID: 1589
  • Membership Type(s): Unpaid
  • Legal Status: Incorporated as 501(c)3
  • Membership Size: 301+
  • Key Contacts: Co-Chair, Al Heartly,
    Co-Chair, Gary Williams,
    Secretary, Kayla Roney Smith,
    Treasurer, Allison Quintanilla Plattsmier,
    EDI Co-Chair, Kevin Peterson,
    EDI Co-Chair, Jye Turk
    Network Engagement Chair, Bradley Fisher
    Virtual Conference Co-Chair, Jeff Key
    Board Director, Jodi Benenson,
    Board Director, Sentari Minor,
  • Estimated Annual Budget: $25,000+
  • Size of Board: 9-12
  • Geographic Scope: Other
  • Chapter Status: Active Chapter
Contact details

4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. #1038 Portland, OR 97214-524697214

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