Chapter Best Practices

There are many resources available for young nonprofit professionals interested in learning more about the nonprofit sector. Many of these resources are provided by national organizations that work to improve the nonprofit sector through disseminating information about specific areas of the sector, whether that be finance, fundraising, governance, etc. Please review the Sector Resources page for a listing of popular organizations that provide valuable information for many different types of nonprofit organizations.

Sharing and learning from best practices can help the YNPN network grow and thrive.

The sample documents in our Best Practices Resource Library have been provided courtesy of YNPN chapters, to search by category, see the sidebar. These documents are meant to serve as a reference and provide chapters with samples and ideas. Please note that each YNPN chapter is different and therefore many of these documents will also vary accordingly.

If you are interested in contributing a best practice of your own, please submit it to bestpractices [at]

Chapter Technology

We provide our chapters with access to a technology platform that can provide website/blog, intranet, and email newsletter functionality. You can contact info[at] if you have questions about how your chapter can get started.

Sector Resources

There are many websites that contain great information on sector best practices and career resources, ours is just a starting point and a placeholder for future development and curated lists of resources… stay tuned!