Our Strategic Plan

ynpn-los-angeles-networking-mixer-3YNPN’s Strategic Planning Process

YNPN has grown rapidly over the past several years, expanding to more than 20 chapters and 20,000 members.  This rapid growth and the strong interest in developing the next generation of leadership in the sector demands greater investments in strengthening the YNPN network nationally.  YNPN National undertook a strategic planning process in 2008 to determine the best way for us to respond to these opportunities and serve our members and chapters better in the years ahead.  We gathered feedback from chapter leaders, peers, funders and thought leaders in the field.

Strategic Priorities
Priority 1:

Strengthen career support and professional development for members to increase talent retention and impact on organizations.
The plan sets ambitious goals for YNPN to provide greater resources to chapters through increased documentation of best practices, rolling out new programming for chapters, and providing individual support to chapter leadership. It also calls for YNPN National to create national partnerships to provide discounts, services and national webinars on relevant topics to members.

Priority 2:

Advocate on behalf of young professionals to build a more inclusive sector that develops and retains talent from all backgrounds.
YNPN National will increase our role in national advocacy and public education on issues such as building sustainable careers in the sector and empowering young leaders. YNPN National will advocate on behalf of our membership through partnerships, coalitions and conferences, and also create resources for members to take action in their own communities.

Priority 3: Build Organizational Capacity

Our all-volunteer organization has been challenged greatly during the past year in designing and roll-outing our new website and technology system, supporting our growing network of 20+ chapters, and responding to requests from organizations who want to partner with YNPN. YNPN has hired two part-time consultants to provide start-up support to new chapters and to assist in the launch of our new technology platform.  To continue providing consistent support to chapters and members, we need to secure resources to fund our current part-time staffing and lay a foundation for hiring full-time staff in the future.

Help Build the Network

YNPN National is currently raising funds to support our first full-time executive director.We need your help in order to reach these ambitious and exciting goals. This is an exciting opportunity to invest in the development of the more than 20,000 young professionals our network serves.  Please consider donating today. An executive summary of YNPN National’s strategic plan can be found here and the full plan here. Please contact Trish Tchume, Chair of YNPN National for more information about the plan or YNPN’s strategic priorities.