YNPN is spreading the love. #nplove, that is.

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If February is about anything, it’s about love. And candy. But it’s mostly about heart-pounding, breathtaking, sweep-you-off-your-feet romance.

If we’re being real, sometimes the nonprofit sector is less than romantic. Long hours, low pay, challenging clients, and temperamental managers sometimes make us wonder why we got into this dysfunctional relationship in the first place.

But we all fell in love with the nonprofit sector for a reason, and this month we want to talk about the things in the sector that make our heart sing. We’re calling this #nplove and we want to hear from you.

Who are the colleagues and organizations that inspire you? What are the tools and resources that you adore? What are the things that make you think that this crazy, star-crossed love affair with doing good just might work out after all?

Leave a comment below or tweet at us and let us know what you #nplove:


All month on our blog we’ll be talking about some of the things we love, and we’d like to kick it off with a special tribute to some people very near and dear to our hearts:


This poem goes out to our local chapters
Who give our network smarts, wisdom, and laughter.

Because YNPN isn’t just a name;
Without our local chapters it wouldn’t be the same.

From Boston to San Diego, with OKC in between
You’re helping fulfill young professionals’ dreams.

Atlanta, New Mexico, Grand Rapids, and Austin
Are helping YNPs be even more awesome.

Lower Hudson, Hawaii, Houston, and Little Rock
Are doing more than just talking the talk.

With Madison, Detroit, and SFBay
Our local chapters live our mission each day.

Orlando, Phoenix, and Cleveland are such a talented fraction
That new chapters Miami and Savannah had to get in on the action.

YNPN is growing at such an incredible rate
Pretty soon we’ll have chapters in every state!

Chapters like Seattle, Southwest Michigan, and Hampton Roads
Are the reason why YNPN explodes.

It’s hard to believe we could get even better
When we already have chapters like Buffalo and Denver.

But somehow our chapters keep raising the bar
From New York to LA, you’re all stars!

Richmond, Nevada, St. Louis, and Des Moines,
You’re the reason that our members join.

Triangle, Twin Cities, and Washington, D.C.
You’re the reason they never want to leave!

Baltimore, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and Portland
We think that you’re just absolutely grand.

Cincy, Indy, and Chicago hold it down in the Great Lakes
While KC and New Orleans are the real deal, no fakes.

We know that we’re no Elton John
And this is nowhere near as good as “Your Song.”

But local chapters, you’re the thing that we love.
Thanks for all you do! Now this poem is done.

Stay tuned for more #nplove this month!