2008 Leaders Conference

2008 Leader ConferenceConference Highlights

Nearly 65 next generation leaders across 18 YNPN Chapters gathered this past April 11 -12 in Chicago, IL for the 2008 YNPN Annual Leaders Conference. From a powerful keynote address on April 11th by Robert Eggers, founder of DC Central Kitchen, urging next generation leaders to create the changes they want to see, to a host of workshops and networking events, young leaders were given the motivation, tools and resources to continue to strengthen their local YNPN Chapters and the wider nonprofit community…Click Here to read more.

YNPN National Voice Forum

Following Robert Egger’s plea to YNPN chapter leaders to challenge political leaders to put nonprofit organizations on the nation’s agenda, a panel of four, offered strategies and solutions to support next generation nonprofit leaders during the opening National Voice forum entitled: Strategies & Solutions to Support Next Generation Nonprofit Leaders.

The forum topic came as a result of recently published research on the trends and needs of Next Generation nonprofit talent that has identified urgent problems and issues confronting the sector. During this National Voice Forum, YNPN Board Member and National Voice Committee Chair, Kim Hendler led discussions with expert panelists, Paul Schmitz, CEO of Public Allies, Richard Brown, Vice President of Philanthropy at American Express, Allyson Biegeleisen, Service Manager for Common Good Careers, and Tera Wozniak, Johnson Center for Philanthropy’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute. Panelists were charged with identifying possible solutions and strategies for supporting future nonprofit leaders.

The results of the YNPN National survey, Stepping Up or Stepping Out served as the inspiration for the panel discussion and panelists suggested the following:

· Identify Mentors – let yourself be vulnerable and admit your weaknesses

· Monkey bars vs. ladders to success – climbing the ranks isn’t the only way to develop career, try cross-training in different areas and building diverse skills

· Co-Executive Director roles – makes transition easier from young Executive Directors as well as allows Co-Directors to focus on specific areas of organization

· Diversity – talk about it! Make someone accountable and be willing to not only invite diverse perspectives to your table, but to change the table altogether

· Talk about generational needs/problems/commonalities

· Compare apples to apples when considering compensation and benefits – many nonprofits are like small businesses and should not be compared to large corporations

YNPN Announces New Technology Platform

Building upon the momentum of Friday’s keynote and forum, YNPN National Board Member and Committee Chair, Jessica Hartl, along with YNPN Chicago Board Member, Yesenia Sotelo gave a brief overview of the new technology platform to be implemented across all YNPN Chapters. iModules, an online content management tool, has been selected by YNPN National to serve as the technology platform allowing chapters to more efficiently manage online calendars, career centers, discussion forums, blog capabilities, online networking, event registration and more. YNPN Chapters are to begin rollout of new websites starting this June 2008.

Leadership Development Workshop – Mentoring

Kasandra Zweig, Assistant Director, Career Services of the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago presented her perspectives on mentoring on Saturday, April 12th. This workshop included a self reflection about career goals and what kind of mentor opportunities were useful for individuals. She also provided suggestions of how to identify someone who fits needs as well as tools and tips for contacting, cultivating/developing a mentor relationship. Kasandra also gave various tips for running formal mentoring programs and managing expectations around the differences between career networking and mentoring.

Breakout Sessions

Conference breakout sessions were led by YNPN Chapter leaders on Saturday afternoon. Topics were selected to cater to the needs of YNPN chapters at emerging/seed, affiliate/established levels of development as well as broader topics that impacted all chapters. Topics included:

  • Roadmap to Building Chapter Leadership
  • Partnerships for Capacity Building
  • How to Develop a Successful Marketing & Communications Plan
  • Building a Sustainable Board Structure
  • Scaling Your Chapter
  • Program Development & Facilitation
  • Ensuring Sustainability & Accountability within Your Board
  • Membership Diversity

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