YNPN 3.0

YNPN 3.0: The Grand Reveal

Trish Tchume : July 10, 2012 6:47 pm : Chapter Input, Task Force, Updates, YNPN

“Such an exciting time for YNPN!”

Last night, we heard how – thanks to a great investment of time and ideas put forth by the awesome members of the chapter congress –  YNPN is light years closer to establishing network-wide systems in three key areas: Shared Standards, the Data Center and Chapter Input & Decision-making.

Following the webinar, participants shared their enthusiasm for the proposals and what they could mean for their chapters and the network.  But there were just as many questions posed.  We’ll start off the comments by responding to some of those questions, but our goal is to continue the conversation here on the YNPN 3.0 blog.

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YNPN 3.0 is the process we are undertaking nationally to build…

…clearer infrastructure for our network
…deeper relationships with and amongst chapters
and a richer range of meaningful,  more impactful programs and supports for our members.

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